About Axel


  • Chairman
    He is having 65 years’ experience in General Administration, Operations & Human Resources
  • Managing Director
    He is an Engineer by profession & having 2 decades experience in Plastic Industry.
  • Director & CFO
    He is a Chartered Accountant by profession & having 23 years’ experience in Finance, Accounts and overall Management.

Shop Floor

  • Production
    It is headed by Qualified and Experienced Engineers, assisted by skilled Operators & supported by adequate group of workers.
  • Maintenance
    It is headed by qualified Electrical / Mechanical Engineer having over 29 years’ experience & assisted by qualified people.
  • Quality Control
    It is on-line and manned by qualified Technicians.
  • Logistics
    It is headed by Senior Supervisor and assisted by supporting staff. They are responsible for all incoming RM and dispatch of FG. All Internal Material movement is also handled by this department.

Processing Expertise

We at AXEL have excelled in producing Grades with

  • Glass Fiber
  • Mica
  • Mineral
  • Flame Retardants – Halogenated & Non-Halogenated
  • Impact Modifiers to suit Special Applications
  • Highly Filled Grades with Filler contents upto 60%
  • UV Stabilizers to suit Special Applications
  • PP + Active (Deltamethrin loaded Chips)
  • Combination of any of the above Fillers


  • Company believes in the highest Standards & Levels of Confidentiality in relation to Process know-how, Sources & Customers.
  • It is for this reason that our Customers; who are in turn competitors amongst themselves; have retained their loyalty perpetually with us.
  • No customer has ever faced any problem in the market.

Health and Safety

  • The Company believes in high standards and levels of safety for its employees.
  • Wearing of Safety Helmet in the Production Area is mandatory.
  • Wearing of Face Mask & Gloves is mandatory for all, due to the possibilities of Health Hazards which may be caused by Additives & Chemicals used in the Production Process.
  • Efficient Dust & Fumes Collecting System is installed.
  • All employees are covered by Requisite Insurance.
  • General Health check-up for all employees is conducted yearly.